Trans Israel 11-14.11.2020

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Day 1 - Wednesday 11.11.20 -
 Rosh Hanikra to Ashdot Ya’akov 

6:00 Meeting at Glilot Junction, Herzelia to be transported by bus to the start of the ride at Rosh Hanikra.

9:00 Arrival at Rosh Hanikra, unload bikes and prepare for the ride.

9:45 Briefing and group photo

10:00 Start of Riding


Riding Data (Day 1):

Ride Distance: 118.2 km

Elevation Gain: 1,665 m

Food Stops: 14 km (breakfast), 48 km, 86 km, 110 Km

Day 1 Route Map:



Wednesday 11.11.20

The Nahara Hotel, at Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov Ihud



Day 2 - Thursday 12.11.20 - Ashdot Ya’akov to Kalia - Dead Sea (2 parts)

6:30 Breakfast

8:00 Start of ride- part 1

Riding data Day 2 (part 1):

Ride Distance: 55.7 km

Elevation Gain: 850 m

Food Stops (part 1): 15 km, 25 km, 55 Km (lunch).

Day 2 (part 1) Route Map:


Ride data Day 2 (part 2):

Ride Distance: 53.2 km

Elevation Gain: 687 m


Day 2 (part 2) Route Map: 

Total riding (Day 2):

Total Riding Distance (parts 1+2): 108.9 km

Total Elevation Gain: 1537 m




Thursday 12.11.20
Kalia  Hotel,kibbutz kalia Dead Sea




 Day 3- Friday 13.11.20 - Dead Sea (Kalia) to Yerucham 

6:30 Breakfast

8:00 Start riding


Riding data (Day 3):

Riding Distance: 151.2 km

Elevation Gain: 2,102 m


Food Stops: 55km (Masada), 70 Km (Lunch), 90 km, 126km


Day 3 Route Map: 


Hotel Desert Iris - yeruham 





 Day 4 - Saturday 14.11.20  Mitzpe Ramon to Eilat

5:00 Breakfast

6:00 Bus to Mitzpe Ramon
Start of riding     07:00    

Ride Distance: 160 km

Elevation Gain: 1,620 m

Food Stops: 50km, 85km, 120km

 Day 4 Route Map:

Lunch and showers at hotel in Eilat before driving back to Tel Aviv.

Trans Israel
Early registration prices - until 31.8.20 at 23:59
4 days - 3 nights = 1,200 USD  Double room.
4 days - 3 nights = 1,500 USD Single room
4 days 4 nights = 1,520 USD Double room
4 days - 4 nights 1,850 USD Single room
Regular Registration Prices -  from 1.9.20 at midnight
3 nights 4 days Double room 1,300 USD 
3 nights 4 days Single room 1,600 USD
4 nights 4 days Double room 1,620 USD
4 nights 4 days Single room 1,950 USD
Discounts and package add-ons:
- The Trans Israel package price is per person/double occupancy.
- Event registration will be approved once the registrant's approved  stress test is received. test results should be forwarded to the event organizers within 90 days of initial registration and no later than 10-10-2020
-Trans Israel registration fees do not include individual insurance; each individual must provide his/her own insurance for the event. Proof of insurance must  be received no later than 5-11-2020.
- If you are unable to participate in the full trip, it is possible to join for a part of it. Contact us so we can offer you an option that suites your needs


How to Register

Login to your account:
Please create a new user name in At Event
If you already have a user name in At Event, just login.

Write your personal information.
Don’t forget T-Shirt desired size.

Various approvals:
Must be accompanied by the health certificate
The forms can be uploaded in personal area (marked as blue man). 




Trans Israel Participation Policy


Trans Israel is intended for well-trained cyclists, and everything written below regards both men and women.



1. A participant is one whose registration forms are filled out and signed properly, include the registration fee and medical form, and have been authorized by the administration staff before end of registration.



2. A participant is one whose name appears on the list of participants that is published on the event website a week before it begins.



3. The organizers have the right to make changes in the cycling route according to police instructions or conditions of the roads.



4. There will be no refund to participants in case any part or the entire event is cancelled due to security or safety issues of the cyclists.



5. The event is non-competitive and is defined as an amateur cycling trip.



6. The organizers' responsibility on the course lies between the leading vehicle/ guide to the follow vehicle/ guide. One may not ride outside these boundaries.



7. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any cyclist from participating in the event with no need for explanation, as well as disqualifying a participant during any part of the event.



8. The organizers reserve the right to shorten the course for any cyclist by transporting him forward to the group up front. A cyclist who lags behind the main group by more than half an hour may be transported by vehicle to the main group.


9. Participants must ride only on the route designated by the organizers. No shortcuts or detours allowed.



10. All participants must wear helmets, shoes, and carry two full drinking bottles. It is recommended to also wear protective eye wear.



11. Participants must be at least 17 years of age.



12. The organizers have the right to check the bike’s condition before the start. In the case of a safety issue found with the bike, the organizers could require the repair by the rider before starting as a condition for participating in the event. The cyclists must have a basic tool kit.



13. Cycling during the entire event is according to the law of riding on the road; cyclists will ride on the right side of the road near the right shoulder. Stops will be done only in the right shoulder, out of the driving lane.



14. If a cyclist chooses to end his participation for any reason, he must notify a member of the staff.



15. No trash is to be thrown on the road or roadside at any point of the event.


16. A signature on the registration form is an agreement to the participation charge and participation policy.

17. Riders who pass the leading vehicle/ guide or lag behind the follow vehicle/ guide, are removed from the responsibility of the event organizers and will not be insured in the framework of the event.



18. Participants declare that they are in good health, fit, and trained for this type of physical activity and are aware of the level of difficulty in this event. The organizers highly recommend that riders get checked by a qualified sports doctor.



19. The participant will not have any complaint to the organizers about his own personal equipment.


20. Insurance: the event organizers highly recommend getting personal insurance that covers sports activities in general, and cycling in particular. The organizers are able to provide a basic insurance package that is suitable to sports activities including cycling and/or a wider insurance package if you require. It is important to note that suitable insurance covers financial loss as a result of injury near the time of the event (according to the conditions of the policy).


Declaration of the participant:

I declare that I am physically able to participate in this trip/event and I have trained properly for it and that my physical condition was checked by a qualified doctor. I am aware that the organizers of the event including Gran Fondo Israel, will not be held responsible for any damage or physical injury that may be caused to me during or following this trip/event, including any loss of personal equipment. Therefore, I, signed below, give up the right to file a suit for any damages against the organizers and producers of the event. I agree that the event and sponsors are entitled to use photographs taken of me during and following the trip/event for the purpose of public relations advertising or any other marketing purposes with no compensation. In the case that I have not yet reached the age of 18 at the time of the event, my parents or guardians provide their consent for my participation under all of these aforementioned terms. 


For additional inquiries regarding the registration, please contact

Cancellation Policy:





Cancellation requests must be written to email address 

90% of the payment


Cancellation up to 60 days prior the event

75of the payment

Cancellation up to 30 days prior the event

50% of the payment

Cancellation up to 10 days prior the event

No refund

Cancellation less than 10 days to the event



Gran Fondo Israel will not be held accountable to cancellations due to Illness, injury, accident, family cause, or any other unfortunate unexpected reason that will not allow the rider to participate. In any of these cases, the cancellation policy will be as stated above.



There will be no refund to a rider who registered and did not show up to the event if he did not notify of his cancellation as stated above.


Gran Fondo Israel recommends adding a section in your insurance covering unexpected cancellations.


For any question or inquiry regarding our cancellation policy, contact us at

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